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Active care
for good eyesight

Active care
for good eyesight

Improves eyesight

Proven effect for a number of eyesight problems

Quicker result

High concentrations of useful/active substances

Only 1 capsule per day

Dose that is enough for a whole month

Improves eyesight

Proven effect for a number of eyesight problems

Quicker result

High concentrations of useful/active substances

Only 1 capsule per day

Dose that is enough for a whole month

When do I need

In case of blurred vision due to:

  • Cataracts
  • Macular damage
  • Tired eyes
  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Work with computer

Blurred vision indicate that the eyes need urgent help. By providing the most essential substances for the health of our eyes, ZeaForce makes our eyesight sharp and clear again.*

*A number of clinical studies have proven the ability of the powerful antioxidants used in ZeaForce to effectively restore visual acuity.

How will
ZeaForce improve
my eyesight?

ZeaForce has a unique formula that allows it to:

  • Improve macular and retinal function
  • Limit eye damage with age
  • Protect eyes from harmful influences

ZeaForce provides the three most important things that ensure you get the best:




Expert formula with proven effect

ZeaForce features an expert formula with a proven medical effect on vision. Each ingredient has been particularly selected according to its effects on eye health. Precisely dosed and combined, the ingredients function synergistically and strengthen each other’s positive effects. Clinical trials have shown their beneficial effects on a number of eye problems.

of the Ingredients of ZeaForce

What else do I
need to know
about ZeaForce?

  • How is it taken?
  • 1 capsule daily.
  • Can it be combined with medicines?
  • Yes, ZeaForce is a natural product.
  • How long should it be taken for?
  • At least 3 months.
  • Is a prescription needed for it?
  • No, it is available without prescription.

Product leaflet


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